Documentary Film

Volunteers. The so-called “unsung heroes” of our modern society. These fantastic people have devoted their own time to helping others. This is the story of one of them.

This is Jimmy Bohannasmith. Jimmy volunteers for the Salvation Army. He has been giving up his time for this organisation for over 35 years. On tonight’s show, we will follow him on a normal day of volunteering.

Jimmy wakes up in the morning by opening his eyes and getting out of bed. For breakfast, he goes out into his garden and rubs fertiliser in his hair. This is a typical beginning of the day for Jimmy.

Each morning he pushes his car to Salvo Headquarters and gets his list of the day’s activities. Today’s first activity, collect all deposits from the clothing bins. Jimmy requires assistance for this activity. He collects his midget from the front desk, and they skip off, hand in hand.

Together they push the car to the first clothing bin on their way. Jimmy boosts the midget, whose name is Charlie. The midget grabs the clothes and throws them out to Jimmy, who puts them in garbage bags.

Finally, all the clothes are collected in to 1,279 garbage bags and put into Jimmy’s boot. Jimmy and Charlie push the car to the tip and drop off the clothes.

But of course, volunteering isn’t all fun. Although Jimmy finds it very rewarding, he also says it can be quite tedious, and sometimes even dangerous.

Stay tuned, after the break we will follow Jimmy on a typical afternoon, where he goes door-knocking to collect money for the Salvation Army, which he uses to go to a strip club.


1 thought on “Documentary Film”

  1. I want a midget 😦

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