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Do you enjoy Game of Thrones? Do you watch Tyrion Lannister indulge himself in glass after glass of wine (when he can tear himself away from some delicious King’s Landing T&A, that is), and think to yourself “I want me some of that” (the wine I mean, not Tyrion, although if that’s your kink, then game on)? Well, pretty soon, you can get some of that.


The Wines of Westeros is a project by an Australian agency that will be offering 12 wines representing 12 houses that appear on the show, and they will be available in time for when the 5th season of Game of Thrones begins. Dear Reader, I’m not much of a wine connoisseur myself, I’m more of a beer or bourbon drinker, but I think I can see myself buying a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc representing House Stark. I just hope I won’t lose my head in the process. It’s also pretty boss that if you look closely, the bottles are measured not in standard drinks, but in standard goblets. Too cool. Which of these wines interest you? Let’s get drunk and talk about it, shall we?

And just in case you’re interested in Game of Thrones for other reasons, I will leave you with this. Don’t say I don’t give you nice things.