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coclThe vaccination debate has been picking up a lot of steam here in Australia recently. There are two major sides of the debate. There are the pro-vaccination people, who have a desire to keep not just their children but all other children safe and healthy and have strong, solid scientific research behind them. Then you have the anti-vaccination people, who believe that vaccinations are dangerous and toxic, they can cause autism in children (despite the fact that the chemical in vaccinations that they claim causes autism has since been removed), make their claims based on outdated and non-scientific data, and have this fucking moron as one of their ambassadors:


I guess I can kind of see why people might pay attention to what she has to say…

And now the war has really begun. This week, new laws have been introduced in my home state of New South Wales that can see childcare centres fined up to $4000 if they enrol a child who has not been vaccinated. This is a move designed to protect those who have been vaccinated from risk of disease by being surrounded by those who haven’t. It’s a move I applaud, because it takes pretty big balls to introduce a law that could be perceived as taking away people’s freedoms. But this is more about protecting those who do the right thing.

But unfortunately, there’s an organisation in this country called the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN). Despite what their name would suggest, they’re actually an anti-vaccination lobby group, formed in 1994 by Meryl Dorey, a fucking cunt of the highest order.


Dear Meryl. Fuck you.

Since the new laws have been introduced, Meryl Dorey has been encouraging parents to join The Church of Conscious Living. You see, these new laws, like many laws, do not apply to those practicing a religion or following religious beliefs that are contrary to what the law dictates. The Church of Conscious Living was formed in 2008 with the express purpose of making themselves exempt from vaccinations and vaccination laws. This means that those who are members of this “church” can choose to not vaccinate, and still have their children attend schools with those who have been vaccinated.

Unfortunately, this means that the government’s hands are tied. Health Minister Jillian Skinner was forced to admit as much, as the government cannot interfere with people’s religious beliefs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Oh, except for one thing. How the FUCK were the Church of Conscious Living given a religious status? They have publicly stated they started the church just to get out of vaccinations, so what the fuck?

Dear Reader, please understand, for those out there that do believe vaccinations are dangerous, that’s fine. You’re fucking wrong, and you’re a fucking idiot, but that’s fine. But here’s where the problem is. To force that bullshit upon your children is fucked up. And to put other people’s children at risk of health problems, or potentially even death, because you’re a moron, is really fucked up. And to go so far as to fake a religion just so you can get out of listening to scientists and doctors, who do this shit for a fucking living, and choosing to listen to pieces of shit like Jenny McCarthy and Meryl Dorey instead, and sending your children, who were unfortunate enough to be the end product of your fornication, into the world to potentially infect themselves and others around them, is really, REALLY fucked up.

It’s bad enough like organistations like the AVN and the Church of Conscious Living exist, but when they’re forcing their beliefs on others, and even putting others at risk, fuck ’em.

I prefer this AVN anyway.

I prefer this AVN anyway.

I can only hope that this “church” can have their religious status taken away so this shit can go away.  Thankfully, there is the Stop the Australian Vaccination Network, who are fighting against these arseholes, and helping to spread the truth about vaccinations. Vaccinations save lives, and admittedly, there are a small amount of potential risks, but they’re nothing compared to the risks to those who aren’t vaccinated.

Spread the word, Dear Reader, and let’s help end this bullshit.