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alohamisterhandIf you’re a fan of horror, which if you’re reading The Dukes Playground you must be, Dear Reader, as the quality of the writing is downright horrific in its own way, then you will love these sites brought to you by a good friend of The Duke, who you should trust, as I have never steered you wrong.

First there is Aloha, Mister Hand, a WordPress site primarily dedicated to the wonderful world of the horror film, with some extra excellence covering other topics as well.

And, just recently added to the roster, is the partnering Facebook page, Last Page on the Left which, although it has only just started, is a great page to check out and interact with the writer and the fans. Here’s hoping we can build it up and create a great community of horror fans to build up some great content in the future!

Be sure to check out my Links page at the top of The Dukes Playground as well if you’re looking for these sites again in the future.