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I’ve written here previously how trailers for trailers are a thing that exist for some reason, and that it was a trend that I hoped would just fuck off and die. Now it appears things are getting even dumber. The trailer for nerd-bait film The Hobbit was released recently, and as expected, Rings fans went apeshit. But then, something happened that I didn’t think anyone would come up with because it’s an idea that’s inherently retarded. The Hobbit trailer was released with 5, that’s right 5, alternate endings. What the fuck?

It’s true. Head on over to The Playlist if you’re interested in checking them out. Me, I’m not bothering. I’m not particularly excited about the movie anyway, despite the fact that I loved reading The Hobbit as a kid, and Martin Freeman is a great actor who deserves more big roles like this. But even if I was excited for The Hobbit, that wouldn’t change the fact that this is a stupid, stupid idea. You want to build up as much hype for the movie as possible, I get that. But that’s what a trailer, some TV spots, and billboard ads are for. There is such a thing as over-saturation. Throw too much of a product in someone’s face, they’re gonna lose interest. Remember the massive marketing campaign that surrounded The Matrix Reloaded? That shit was everywhere, so when it came time to actually watch the movie, it was met with a resounding “meh”. Honestly, The Matrix Reloaded was a pretty good movie. Not as good as the original, of course, but pretty damn good. But nothing can live up to that sort of hype.

So, please, Dear Reader, don’t bother with this shit. It’s too much. Just watch the trailer itself, and leave the rest be.