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Take a look at this picture. Seriously. Take a good, long look at this picture. That’s pop sensation Rihanna, beaten to a fucking pulp by her then boyfriend, Chris “Fucktard” Brown. Dear Reader, I want you to take a good, long look at this horiffic picture for a very simple reason: has the public forgotten about this? What Chris Brown did was unbelievably disgusting and frankly, unforgivable, and yet, the guy is not only still working, but very successful. Time heals all wounds? Bullshit. Not in these media savvy days where I can easily find the above picture from a quick Google search, stick it on this article, and remind anyone who happens to stumble across how fucking sick some people can be. He can keep trying to work and succeed in the music industry, that’s fine. But, please, let the cunt fail. Let him pay for his act. If we create a world where their bad deeds can go unpunished, is that a world we really want to live in?

Just have a look again. Now ignore Chris Brown until he goes away. Thank you.