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Dear Reader, your friend at The Dukes Playground has had a couple of beers, and quite a few glasses of bourbon, and is now sitting here with a cup of delicious black coffee. After enjoying my drinks with my newly purchased copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a chaser of Spice World, the mostly terrible but for some reason really enjoyable Spice Girls movie from the 1990’s, I’ve had a slightly drunken realisation. The next regular feature to hit The Dukes Playground, along with such favourites as “A forgotten television great” and “Awesome religions of the world” will be “Cult favourites of the 1990’s”. First to feature will be Spice World, followed by personal favourites such as Addams Family Values and Gremlins 2: The New Batch. So stay tuned, Dear Reader, for much more useless bullshit from The Duke!