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As you will notice if you look below this article, this is the first thing I’ve written for the website since 25th June. It’s really sucked not being able to find the time to post anything in the past month, but my schedule has been absolutely fucking ridiculous. In that time, I have left the job I had been working at full-time for more than 8 years, moved from a small country town to a much bigger and much busier place, located new and exciting work, and my social life has increased dramatically. So over all, I’ve barely had time to even look at the fucking website, let alone post any new shit. There’s been so many things I’ve wanted to write about, and haven’t had the time.

So here today, I thought I’d just write really briefly about all the things I’ve wanted to write more detailed articles about, all brought to you in one neat little package. And hopefully, I’ll be able to dedicate the same amount of time I had before to bringing you the usual garbage you’re used to from The Dukes Playground.

1. Reaction to 50 Shades

I haven’t posted anything on here since I wrote about Fifty Shades Of Grey, but in that time, it has easily become the most talked about article that I have put up here. Not the most viewed, mind you (that distinction goes to an article on There’s Something About Miriam for some reason), but definitely the one that’s caused the biggest reaction. Some people have left me positive and agreeable reactions, which is nice, like this one from over at Rivers I Have Known (who, incidentally, has also recently written an anti 50 Shades article):

The books are blood curdlingly bad. I worry about the day when just crap like this will be published and real writers will stop writing because nobody wants to publish actual books anymore :(

Or this one from Don Houston:

I have a strong tendency to agree, but when you are catering to sheep you don’t need anything requiring of thought in a story.
You’re not wrong about the thousands of people out there flogging their arses off just trying to get a literary agent to even look at their story, far more work involved in that than the actual writing of a book. Agent’s advise that anything you submit must be the best it can possiblly be – then the next book you pick up reads like it was written by a juvenile delinquent with a serious inability to spell and no idea what grammar is and a plot with monumental plausibility gaps.

But of course the negative reactions are much more fun, and alongside the debates I had with people over Facebook about the books after posting a link to my article on the walls of both The Project and A Current Affair, I also got these delightful quotes right here at the Playground. Like this one from Tracie:

Oh for goodness sake!  Get  a grip!  Because some of us want to take a break from our reality and curl up with piece of fiction that also doubles as a libido booster it makes you want to take the next shuttle to Mars?  Where can I send my donation to get you there quickly!  Dumb ASS

Any my personal favourite from Brandon:

go fuck yourself!

Short and to the point, love it.

2. The joys of owning a PS3

Another thing I ended up doing in the past month is finally buying myself a Playstation 3, and fuck me, I wish I’d done it sooner. I’ve already finished Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 as well as Heavy Rain and I’m playing through both Silent Hill HD Collection and Rayman Origins. I love my PS3, I must say. I didn’t think I’d really need it since I’ve got an Xbox 360, but I’m going to be hitting more of those PS3 exclusives, after enjoying the ones I’ve already played so fucking much. So keep an eye out for some game reviews in the future.

3. Movie review: ‘Ted’

I saw Ted a couple of weeks ago, and it was really, really enjoyable. Way better than I expected. I expected a few laughs out of a sketch-comedy style movie, that would get old fast, but what I got was a warm, sweet, heart-felt movie that never overstayed its welcome and was funny as fuck. Seth MacFarlane really did a great job in his debut feature, the animation on Ted was outstanding, and Giovanni Ribisi in particular fucking killed it. One scene in particular at a party featuring Sam Jones (Flash Gordon, baby!), cocaine and violence is a strong highlight.
3 1/2 out of 5.

4. Movie review: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Two words: Fucking. Awesome. I was anticipating great things from The Dark Knight Rises, but it was even better than I could have hoped. Sure, it was kind of cheesy at times, especially towards the end, but fuck, we are talking about a comic book movie here. A movie about a man running around taking crime into his own hands dressed in a bat costume. You have to accept moments that aren’t entirely realistic if you’re looking into a world where something like that is considered normal. This was the perfect ending to what has been an amazing trilogy, and one that felt a lot closer to Batman Begins than The Dark Knight, which, for me, is a great thing. The action was awesome, the emotions were high, the performances were great, it was just an all-round terrific package. Seeing Bruce Wayne have to deal with real-world issues of living a life as Batman like having his body be completely fucked up was a personal highlight, and a touch that felt more real than almost anything else in the film. Michael Caine in particular was magnificent as Alfred, and had me close to tears at points. I will need to see The Dark Knight Rises again to say for sure, but I feel that this is my favourite of the 3 Batman films that Christopher Nolan has directed. Just a great, great experience.
5 out of 5.

5. The Dark Knight Rises shootings

There is sad news surrounding The Dark Knight Rises, and we’ve all heard what happened by now, so I’m not going to go into detail here. What I do want to say though is how admirable I think it is for Christian Bale to visit the survivors of this horrendous incident, and to also point out that I think it’s a good thing but also interesting that there really haven’t been people blaming The Dark Knight Rises for this vicious attack. If the shooting had happened at the release of Grand Theft Auto V, for example, I think the media would have completely different views on the matter. It’s refreshing to see that, for the most part, people are seeing this for what it is, a horrible, disgusting crime, and nothing more.

6. The rise and rise of Lacey Warner

Friend of The Dukes Playground and all-round sexy mother fucker Lacey Warer just keeps popping up in more and more places these days, and it’s well deserved, as she’s doing some great things. She is just noew being featured in online digital magazine Textbook12 as one of their feature models, featuring photos by yours truly (amongst other amazing photographers). She will also be appearing soon in fIXE Magazine. With her Facebook page now having over 12,000 fans, we can expect more sexiness from Lacey in the future, and I look forward to working with her again.

So, guys, that about sums it up. I also have plans to move this site onto it’s own dedicated site, thedukesplayground.com, and give it a sleek, sexy makeover, giving you all that content you and hopefully love, just in cooler looking ways.

So thank you for those who continue to read and enjoy the content featured here at The Dukes Playground, and for those who aren’t fans, you can just continue to suck my digital cock.