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The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, is officially underway in this great year 2012, and although there’s still plenty more to come, the big 3 companies, that is Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, have had their big press conferences filled with some huge announcements, so it’s time for The Dukes Playground to talk about what the show has given us so far, and to share my favourites from what I’ve seen.

So here it is, the E3 breakdown, as presented by The Dukes Playground, with the good shit thrown in, and the boring shit filtered out.


This is one of the big ones for me, not only as a fan of South Park, but also due to the fact that a series of layoffs at developer Obsidian in March caused fear that this game would disappear for good. Thankfully, South Park: The Stick Of Truth is still on its way, due to be released in March 2013. Creators of South Park Trey and Matt were at E3 to unveil the trailer for the game, and it looks awesome!


All the way back in 1996, the world was first introduced to the now very famous character of Lara Croft in the excellent original Tomb Raider. 16 years on, we have a game of the same name, but of a fairly different colour. Obviously, much has changed since the original, and now after several sequels, developer Crystal Dynamics is looking to reboot the franchise. This new version of Tomb Raider shows Lara as an innocent, young explorer, before she becomes the strong heroine we recognise from the other games in the franchise. Smart option for an old franchise such as this. Check out this kick-arse gameplay footage!


After Gears Of War 3 closed out an epic trilogy in September of last year, it appears that people were hungry for more from the Gears universe (myself included). Since the future for Sera is looking quite good, Judgment will be taking us into the past, 18 years before the first Gears to be exact. Not a huge amount is known about the game yet, apart from the previously stated time period and the fact that the game is played from the perspective of Baird and Cole, two secondary characters from the previous Gears titles. Here’s a little teaser.


We’ve known about this game for some time now (I’ve even written about it here previously), but E3 has given Ubisoft the opportunity to showcase the game much more heavily, show how the game will work on the upcoming Wii U, give us some multiplayer info, and we got the debut of the awesome CG trailer posted below. While this obviously isn’t showing any gameplay footage, I for one can’t help but get fucking amped watching this shit. Check it out.


After the absolute brilliance that was Rayman Origins, here we have Rayman Legends. It appears to be pretty much the same as its predecessor gameplay-wise, which hey, isn’t a bad fucking thing at all. The game has only been announced for the upcoming Wii U so far, with a live E3 demo showcasing features that would only work on that console. There’s plenty of reason to believe it will show up on the other major platforms though, so fingers crossed!


While the original Dead Space was a pretty good game, Dead Space 2 was a fucking great game, with the same visceral thrills as the first game, but adding a much stronger, deeper, character-driven narrative, and serving as a huge mindfuck. It’s for that reason I’m very excited to continue Isaac Clarke’s story in Dead Space 3. After the amount of shit this poor guy has had to go through, I can’t even imagine the toll it must have taken on him when we do enter the world of this third game, but it’ll be great to see just how far Visceral plans to push the envelope this time. Check out the gameplay footage below.


There’s an absolute fuckton of Star Wars games out there, Dear Reader, but there’s not really many that are actually worth your time. Knights Of The Old Republic comes to mind, definitely, as does Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. That’s pretty much it. Hopefully, the upcoming Star Wars: 1313 can be added to that short list of great Star Wars games. Set sometime between the film trilogies, the game follows a yet to be named bounty hunter on Level 1313 on the over 5000 level building on the planet Coruscant, the Imperial capital. LucasArts appears to be going for a more mature feel with this title, instead of delivering us a bunch of cutesy, Ewok, Jar-Jar Binks type bullshit. I say bring it on, and fingers crossed they can deliver us a great game.

So that about wraps it up. Of course, there have been many, many more titles announced or shown off at E3 so far this year, too, some of them even look pretty cool, like Crysis 3 or The Last Of Us, for example. But these have been left out as the games I have gone into detail about above are for me the cream of the crop, the ones I’m really pumped for. You may also notice a lack of Nintendo stuff spotlighted above. Nothing against Nintendo, it’s just that the way they seem to be going really isn’t my thing, and there’s only so much Mario stuff a guy can take, just like fucking Call Of Duty, or even worse, Halo.

What titles are you getting excited about, Dear Reader? Hit me up in the comments.