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So apparently, this is happening now. A Taiwanese art student was pissing one day, and found blood in his urine. Before he actually worried about why the fuck there was blood in his piss, he looked down in the bowl and felt that the colours resembled those of Iron Man. So he went out and found himself a toilet bowl, and with the help of some edible pigmentation, he pissed out the head of Iron Man (with a little help from his saliva). He called his little creation “Blood Urine Man”, and entered it into an art competition.

That’s all weird enough, but do you know what’s even weirder? HE FUCKING WON! In a field of over 600 competitors, this gross fucking thing took out first prize. Crazy world we live in. Don’t get me wrong, I love art and all, but sometimes the shit that gets labelled as “art” boggles my mind. Just like Piero Manzoni’s famous 1961 creation “Artist’s shit”. Manzoni literally shit into 90 seperate tins, and the “artwork” was sold at the same value as the then current price of gold. Because of shit like that, now we have shit like “Blood Urine Man”. It’s a crazy fucking world, Dear Reader.

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