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In an update to an article I wrote about PeTA previously, figures have recently been released about their latest efforts in pet murder (a bit of a sensationalist term I know, but they’re very good at sensationalism themselves). The figures, obtained from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and posted to the PeTA Kills Animals website, show that PeTA’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, took in 1,992 animals in 2011. Out of those almost 2,000 strong, only 34 were transferred, and 24 were adopted. A staggering 1,911 were killed. That means 95.9% of all animals taken in that year were killed by PeTA workers at their very own headquarters.

Fuck this guy. Seriously.

It gets worse than that. In 2010, Dr. Daniel Kovich was sent by Virginia’s agriculture department to conduct an inspection of PeTA’s headquarters. Kovich determined that their workers kill 84% of the animals in their custody within 24 hours of receiving them. 84% WITHIN 24 HOURS OF RECEIVING THEM. It’s one for thing for PeTA to argue that they don’t have a choice in putting some animals down, but come on, figures that high are fucking ridiculous, fucking disgusting, and most importantly, completely unethical. Remember what the “e” stands for in PeTA? Fucking cunts, man.

I’ve said it before, Dear Reader, and I’ll say it again. FUCK PeTA. FUCK THEM UP THEIR STUPID ARSES.