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Today is Valentine’s Day, a day that your friend here at The Dukes Playground can’t help but celebrate, as I am somewhat of a hopeless romantic. But I thought seeing as it is February 14th, it would be fun to reflect on a movement that I find quite interesting: antivalentinism.

Antivalentinists are people that consider the celebration of Valentine’s Day to be pointless bullshit, and hey, it’s hard to disagree with them. After all it was almost 1,000 years between the holiday first being established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, and being associated with romantic love in the High Middle Ages.

Antivalentinists fall into either or both of two main categories. The first being anticonsumerist, seeing Valentine’s Day as nothing more than an excuse made up by greeting companies to make people spend money on shit they don’t even really want. They see Valentine’s Day as nothing more than a “Hallmark holiday”, in reference to the American greeting card company which must make a fucking fortune on days such as these. This cannot be denied. However, it doesn’t have to be considered a negative, as there’s nothing wrong with showering your loved one with gifts. But that brings us to the second category.

The second category of people object to what they believe is a forced expression of love. They believe that because there is one particular day each year where we are assigned a time to be romantic and loving, risking consequence if we don’t participate, it takes away our free will in being romantic, and therefore means that we are not expressing real love. If we really want to express our love, then we will do at other times, not Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to argue with that point.

Of course, you could also argue that Valentine’s Day is a reminder for those single people out there that they remain unattached, and is therefore unfair and cruel. If you were going to make that argument though, you might as well say that we should forget about pretty much every other holiday, as it will upset somebody out there that doesn’t have someone to celebrate that hoiday with. Fuck that.

If you’re at all interested in having an Anti-Valentine’s Day, you can check out Be My Anti-Valentine 2012, a website that encourages antivalentinism, and offers cards such as the one above that you can send to your “anti-valentine”. So, Dear Reader, why not try something else this year, and send your significant other an anti-valentine. Just remember if you do, make sure your significant other has a sense of humour.