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David Lynch is a brilliant film-maker, responsible for some of the greatest films in cinema history, inlcuding cult classics Eraserhead and Lost Highway, Oscar nominated The Elephant Man and Mulholland Drive, the huge flop Dune, and what might be the scariest film I have ever seen, Inland Empire. He is also the co-creator of one of the greatest television series ever made, Twin Peaks, and is just an all-round cool mother fucker. Seriously, look at that picture above and tell me that doesn’t epitomise the word “cool”.

I intend to do a retrospective on Lynch’s career in the near future, but for now I want to focus on one thing I’ve learned recently. Whilst a lot of people in the media branch out from their respecitve fields to try new things, it’s usually shit like frangrances with their name on it, or actors releasing an album (like Bruce Willis releasing The Return of Bruno in the 80’s. What the fuck was he thinking?). David Lynch, however, chose to release his own line of coffee.

Now me, I love coffee. I fucking love coffee. I start every morning with a strong black coffee out of my mug with Eeyore from Winnite-the-Pooh on it, and drink a lot of cups of espresso while I’m at work. So as much as I loved David Lynch before, learning about this new venture just made him a whole lot fucking cooler.

Sold through the website Java Distribution, David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee consists of a House Blend, an Espresso Roast, and a French Roast, all personally selected by Lynch himself after an extensive testing of many different roasts and beans. Lynch is a huge coffee drinker himself, drinking approximately 20 cups a day, so the man knows good coffee. Being in Australia, I am yet to taste the coffee myself, but it has received some very good reviews.

In typical Lynch fashion, he also directed the above advertisement for his line of coffee, which basically just consists of him playing with a disembodied Barbie head for four minutes.

Having just learned about David Lynch’s coffee, I’m very keen to try it, and pretend I’m Dale Cooper for just a few minutes.

"That's a DAMN fine cup of coffee!"

I’ll leave you with this, Dear Reader. If you wanted any more evidence of how fucking cool David Lynch is, here’s a video of him expressing his simple opinion on product placement in movies. Make yourself a coffee and enjoy.